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Retire R.I.T.E.

Risk Management

Income Planning

Tax Mitigation

Estate Planning

You’ve done well to make it this far. You spent a lifetime sacrificing and saving, and now it’s time to get ready to retire. A successful retirement doesn’t depend on a single broker, product, portfolio or a lucky break. You need a plan. 
Franklin Retirement’s Retire R.I.T.E.TM plan provides you with a truly comprehensive strategy incorporating all the critical issues of long-term financial planning. With a Retire R.I.T.E.TM analysis, you gain the combined insight & critical analysis from a bevy of independent fiduciaries, including a retirement income planning specialist and registered investment advisor, an estate planning attorney and a CPA certified in retirement tax planning.

Do you want to worry over your retirement savings for the rest of your life? Do you want to put it in the hands of a salesman? Or do you want the peace of mind that comes from working with a team of experts?

What Is A Retire R.I.T.E.™ Analysis?

Risk Mitigation & Management

The first component of Franklin Retirement’s Retire R.I.T.E.TM analysis is risk mitigation and management: using a collection of market intelligence reports—some third-party, some proprietary—to identify areas of risk within a client’s portfolio. Then, based off that information, Franklin Retirement’s team of investment advisors can recommend strategies and solutions to mitigate and manage those areas of risk and concern, allowing continued participation in market upside while offering protection and shielding from market downside.

Income Planning

A critical component of Franklin Retirement’s Retire R.I.T.E.TM analysis is income planning—ensuring our clients can retire and stay retired. By plotting out a comprehensive income plan, accounting for changes in lifestyle, inflation and market conditions, our financial advisors can accurately plot a course that ensures our clients never have to worry where their money is going to come from. And for those clients retiring without a managed pension in place from their employer, we can curate a guaranteed income stream that acts like a pension replacement, should they desire one.

Proactive Tax Planning

Franklin Retirement Solutions has a tax-planning specialist & CPA under our umbrella, and a thorough tax plan is a part of every client’s Retire R.I.T.E.TM analysis. By actively planning for taxes well in advance instead of passively preparing like most are used to doing during their working years, a litany of options becomes available to our clients to ensure they don’t pay Uncle Sam a dime more than they should.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Whether they plan to or not, Franklin Retirement clients typically leave a sizable estate for their families and loved ones. Whether you plan on leaving a sizable sum or bouncing the check to the funeral home, it’s important for you to plan. The relatively modern inventions of IRAs and privately managed retirement accounts add wrinkles to estate planning that traditional wills can’t cover. Modern families increase in complexity each year. With that in mind, Franklin Retirement’s Retire R.I.T.E.TM analysis incorporates comprehensive and holistic estate planning, tying into each client’s income plan and tax plan to ensure their wishes are kept and their life’s work isn’t squandered by heirs & Uncle Sam.

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