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  • How Serious Are You About Products Being “Made In America”? - I would love to see jobs come back and manufacturing get a big boost. It would help the economy and it would help provide more middle income jobs. And the faster jobs return, the better. One of the big promises of the Trump campaign was to restore manufacturing back here in the good ol’ U.S. […]
  • Goodbye, Obamacare. Hello, American Healthcare Act. - Unless you were living under a rock all week you heard that the House unveiled their answer to the Affordable Care Act (aka ACA) (aka Obamacare).  So far, the reaction on Capitol Hill has been less than gleeful—not just by the Democrats, but by many Republicans as well.  This is going to be fun to […]
  • What, Exactly, Do We Gain From Technology Taking Jobs? - The headlines this week have been full of tech-laden stories that supposedly herald the end of a lot of blue-collar jobs.  Wendy’s is installing customer ordering kiosks in 1,000 locations.  You can now ride a an AI-guided, driver-free Uber in select Midwestern markets.  Google’s robot division has unveiled a new robot that can jump 4’ into […]
  • Trump Wants 3% GDP Growth & Immigration Reform. Can He Have Both? - Immigration has been a major focus of the Trump administration throughout the campaign and into the early days of his Presidential term.  To that end, we’ve seen a contentious, possibly unconstitutional, travel ban in the name of national security, increased pressure on sanctuary cities and an escalation of ICE deportation raids.  Though the President has […]
  • A Trillion Dollars For Infrastructure - Would one trillion even be enough?  Just in the past few weeks, the PA/NJ Turnpike Connector Bridge was shut down after a crack in a support beam was discovered.  No idea when this 60 year old bridge will reopen. Over the weekend we heard about how the biggest dam in the country started to fail […]
  • Is House Flipping Making A Comeback? - Chances are, if you’ve watched HGTV or A&E since the mid ’00s, you’ve seen a show or two about houses getting “flipped”.  Maybe it was South Carolina, or Vegas, or Southern California… but anywhere there’s a bustling housing market, you have people “flipping” houses.   The premise of house-flipping is seemingly simple.  Find an underpriced, run-down house, quickly fix […]
  • Young Americans Living With Parents At A 75-Year High - I was over at Jeremy’s house for New Year’s last month. As I drove through his young, trendy neighborhood, I noticed how relatively peaceful and quiet it was on what was a traditionally raucous night. And as I looked around, I saw a lot of construction… and a lot of finished houses with well-worn “For […]
  • Making New Decisions Based On New Information - You may know me as the office nerd, but I can usually be counted on to be the calm, collected level-headed member of a group. Sadly, the former supersedes the latter if my Internet connection is spotty. And so it goes, the Internet in my house had gotten VERY spotty – and I have a […]
  • Will Inauguration Day Impact The Markets? - I’m writing this column early Wednesday morning knowing this will hit your inbox two hours before the inauguration of our 45th president. I love the peaceful and dignified manner in which power changes hands in the U.S. and congratulate Mr. Trump on assuming the presidency. Lord knows there are many problems both home and abroad […]
  • New Year, New Laws… News You Can Use - by Nicholas Hamner, Esq. Director of Marketing You may have heard that Pennsylvania has a few laws coming into effect in 2017.  Most of the news reports just mention that the laws are coming in – no one really dug in to see why.  So I did.  Read on! No More License Plate Stickers The […]