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February 21, 2014 Government Newsletter Taxes Uncategorized 0

Who Are the Job Creators?

For years I have been hearing so many politicians talk about how small businesses were the engine creating most new jobs in this country. They often used this as an excuse to not raise taxes, to not change health care, to not raise the minimum wage, etc., etc., etc..

According to a recent article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, only 23% of new jobs last year came from companies less than a year old. In 1990, this number was 30%. Also in 1993, small businesses (less than 250 employees) employed about 51% of the workforce. Last year that number was down to 46.7% and the trend line has moved south pretty steadily over most of the past 20 years.


Need to Manage Passwords?

Most of us have a terrible time remembering passwords and waste more time trying to remember or recreate passwords. But help is now easily available. According to a recent article in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, here are three programs you can check out to see which would work best for you:


Cash for Kidneys?

A recent essay in the Wall Street Journal presented a case that buying organs was a clear remedy for the growing shortage of organ donors. According to the article, in 2012 there were 95,000 American men, women and children on the waiting list for new kidneys. However, only 16,500 kidney transplants operations were performed that year, meaning there is around a 4 ½ year average wait for a kidney transplant in the U.S.

Feel free to read the article and let me know what you think. Like everything else, there are pros and cons, but as a society, it seems both the economics and the lives enhanced and saved are enough to give this idea serious consideration.


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