Retirees Get Bitten by Pet Costs

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Retirees Get Bitten by Pet Costs

April 3, 2014 Newsletter Retirement Planning Uncategorized 0

This was the title of a column earlier this week in The Wall Street Journal.  While I’ve never had a pet other than a goldfish many years ago, many of my friends, family members and clients do have cats and dogs and some seem to devote their lives to their pets.

As I read this article, my mind kept wandering off to the many stories my clients have shared about their sick dog or aging cat…and the cost to take care of them.  To read the entire article, click here.

In case you’re wondering whether I’ll soon get a dog or cat to keep me company, the answer is very doubtful.  The condo I live in does not allow pets.  And even though I am not a pet person, when I served on the condo board, I did try to get the rule changed to allow pets.  Especially since many downsizing boomers won’t buy a condo if they can’t take their pets with them.  I thought the board was going to strangle me for pushing a pet friendly policy.  Needless to say, I will never sit on a condo board again.

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