The Crazy World of Medicare Part ‘D’ Drug Plans

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The Crazy World of Medicare Part ‘D’ Drug Plans

May 16, 2014 Health Care Medicare Newsletter 0

Part ‘D’ Drug Plans have been known to provide plenty of aggravation and frustration for all those that attempt to navigate them.

Consider the following…

  • There are 34 Part ‘D’ Plans offered in Pennsylvania…all offering the same Prescription meds.
  • They all have different premiums
  • They may or may not have a deductible
  • There are different co-pays for the same meds…both generic and brand.

As an example on how difficult choosing the best Plan for you is, consider this article. It’s by a business journalist who came down with a form of blood cancer and he attempted to find out what his meds will cost him on a Medicare Part ‘D’ Plan. It’s somewhat comical as he takes you through his journey.

Here’s a solution!! When working with my Medicare clients, I run their prescriptions through software that in turn provides me with the least expensive Part ‘D’ Plan…based on their specific prescriptions! It’s easy, efficient and really the only way to make sense of choosing a Drug Plan.

If you are turning 65, or over 65 and retiring… and need assistance with Medicare, please call me anytime at 610-633-1630. 


Howard Peck

Medicare Supplement Specialist