A Few Notes From Peter

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A Few Notes From Peter

September 10, 2014 Uncategorized 0

With Labor Day behind us, fall can’t be far away. It was a rather cool summer, but I know it will be extra hot later this month when the Jewish holidays hit on September 24th. It never fails.

For those keeping track, it looks like I will have between 60 and 70 people over for the second night of the New Year. I’ve already started shopping and even did a little cooking last weekend with 23 lbs. of brisket cooked, sliced and in the freezer, all ready to go.

Clients have been complaining that I haven’t talked much about my travels lately. Simple reason is that I haven’t traveled too much this year, although I did manage to get to Chicago three times, made it to LA, Las Vegas, Des Moines (very exciting), D.C. and Nashville. Next week I’ll be in Austin (never been there) and Boston in October.

As for our staff, we’re all super busy with Kyle handling many client meeting and client issues in record-breaking time. Many always ask about Melissia since she’s not at the front desk these days. Melissia works in the back office with Nick Hamner, our newest team member. I’ll tell you more about Nick in the next few weeks.

Last, Jaime is at our front desk and most often answers the phone when you call our office. While many miss Melissia’s warm welcome at the front desk, clients have found just as warm a welcome with Jaime’s pampering when they arrive. Oh…and he bakes awesome chocolate chip cookies several times a day.

Have a great weekend and if you’re in the area on Monday, stop in for a few of Jaime’s cookies!

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