Month: June 2015

Retirement, Income, Tax & Estate Planning.

Digital Assets, Passwords and the Last Limo Ride

How the world has changed.  In the old days, like 20 years ago, you had a will, maybe a trust and perhaps a safe deposit box.  A few even had safes in their homes.  It was easy to make certain that, if you became incapacitated or died, someone close to you could easily handle your…
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June 24, 2015 0

Should You Try To Match Or Beat The S&P 500?

Many investors feel the need to match or exceed the S&P in the good years.  If they don’t, they consider themselves or their money managers a failure.  At the same time, when the market takes a major hit, nobody wants to match the S&P.  Go figure. One investment principle I believe in is the need…
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June 18, 2015 0

A Downsizer’s Question: Buy or Rent?

So often I am asked by clients for my thoughts on them selling the big house and downsizing now that they are finally empty nesters. A few months back I wrote about clients looking to buy vacation homes. More recent, frequent discussions about not only moving but whether to buy or rent. A recent column…
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June 3, 2015 0