Thinking of Moving When You Retire?

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Thinking of Moving When You Retire?

August 6, 2015 Uncategorized 0

I talk to a lot of folks who plan to move when they retire, or at some point during their non-working years. Some want to stay where they are, but want to rent, or they want to transition to a home in an established retirement community. Either way, they don’t want to be responsible for the grass and snow. Others can’t wait to live somewhere sunny, whether it’s in Arizona… or Florida, where I was last week, relaxing in Miami. Though I have to say, it was so rainy the whole time I was there I’m starting to think those “sunny” claims are a little overblown. Anyway.

If a change in residence is something you’re considering as part of your retirement plans, you might be surprised by a recent article from Sandra Block at Kiplinger (read it here).  She did the research and proclaimed – in her article titled “3 Great States for Retirement” – that Delaware (yes, Delaware) is one of the top three states to retire in. Why Delaware?

  • No sales tax
  • Modest income tax
  • Social Security income is exempt
  • You can still take the train to Philly, New York and the rest of the East Coast

I’m not sure Wilmington holds the same grandkid-luring cachet of, say, Orlando or Kissimmee, but Delaware’s nice enough.  She did point out that real estate can be pricey along the shore, and that you might have to look inland.  Oh, and the other two states she mentions as retirement hot spots?  Wyoming (no income tax) and Iowa (low cost of living).  I don’t know if I could do Wyoming or Iowa, though – I like my East Coast delis.  Still, there are perks there for people who like the Midwest.

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