Month: September 2016

Retirement, Income, Tax & Estate Planning.

Don’t Look At Your Portfolio!

Again the markets have been on a roller-coaster ride over the past 10 days. A few market analysts say the market is tracking the polls. For whatever reason, Wall Street seems to feel Hillary is a safer bet so when the polls started closing and Trump was edging past her, the market went down. After…
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September 28, 2016 0

Surviving Unexpected Expenses During Retirement

In the last decade, we’ve suffered through a couple of significant financial events – the Great Recession, the post-Sandy fallout… we could maybe even put the 2015 mini-recession in there.  But in addition to storms of the century and global financial meltdowns, retirees can face a number of unexpected expenses that can seriously impact, and…
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September 6, 2016 0