CB Lingo Quiz

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CB Lingo Quiz

June 20, 2017 Newsletter 0

While we might laugh at the current fads of today (and if you’ve watched an 8-year-old “dab” or a teenager toss a water bottle, it’s laughable), our own fads weren’t much better. This week marks the 40th anniversary of “Smokey and the Bandit” hitting theaters. CB radios were HUGE following this movie, as was CB “lingo”.

Do you remember what all of these mean?

10-4 – “Copy that” or “Message received”. Taken from the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) signals.
The basement – Refers to the lowest channel available to CB radios, Channel One.
Breaker 1-9 – Address the channel (here, Channel 19) and let everyone know you’re about to speak.
Come back – Another way of saying you expect a response.
Got your ears on? – Another way of saying “Are you listening?”
What’s your 20? – Another reference to the APCO 10 signals, this one referring to 10-20, or “advise to location”.
Handle – Your nickname on CB channels was your “handle”.
10-100 – Seemingly another APCO 10 signal, but there was no 10-100 recognized by APCO. Regardless, it means “bathroom break”.
County mounty – County sheriff.
Bubble gum machine – Police car, referencing the old bubble lights.
Rocking chair – Position in the middle of a convoy of vehicles. When you weren’t the lead car or the tail car, you were less likely to be targeted by police. You were comfortable, like you would be in a rocking chair.

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