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Trust Mill Attorney Disbarred

By Jeremy A. Wechsler, Esq. Your Estate Planning Attorney Beware of Trust Mills: Trusts mills are companies that sell trusts to senior citizens, without consultation by a lawyer. The motivation behind trust mills are two-fold: First, they charge a significant amount of money for un-customized documents that do a disservice to clients. Second, the companies,…
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August 14, 2014 0

Caution: Do-It-Yourself Wills

By Jeremy A. Wechsler, Esq. Your Estate Planning Attorney Is it a good idea to write your own will? I always say, what you put into something is what you will get out of it. If you want a sound estate plan that protects your legacy, you need to work with a professional who has…
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April 15, 2014 0

Common Estate Planning Questions

Having a well-crafted estate plan is key for all families. If you don’t have a plan, you could leave your family with conflict and confusion. Below are a few common estate planning questions. 1. What if I don’t have a Power of Attorney, what happens? You need to make sure you have valid health care…
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July 26, 2013 0