Meet The Team

Retirement, Income, Tax & Estate Planning.

Investment Advisors

Peter R. Wechsler, IAR President & Co-Founder Your Retirement Quarterback®

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Kyle S. Plotkin, IAR Associate Advisor

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Robert E. Quittner, Jr., CFP®, CMFC® Investment Advisor Representative

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Client Services

Jaime Joseph Client Services Associate

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Emily (Arkowitz) Goodwin Client Services Associate

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Anne Sikorski Client Services Associate

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Mike Hart Client Services Associate

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Nicholas A. Hamner, Esq. Director of Marketing & Operations

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People We Work With

Franklin Retirement Solutions maintains great working relationships with a variety of professionals whose offerings supplement and enhance our own.

Jeremy A. Wechsler, Esq. Principal Attorney The Law Offices of

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Marlene Stocks Senior Move Specialist Senior Transition Services

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Howard Peck Medicare Supplement Specialist

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Franklin Retirement Solutions

Franklin Retirement Solutions was founded to help retirees plan for the unique financial opportunities and challenges that retirement brings. To further that goal, we have assembled a team of knowledgeable fiduciaries and professionals; providing our clients with valuable, custom-tailored advice on how to maximize their retirement income, develop pension alternatives as companies move away from managed retirement plans, avoid unnecessary taxes, protect their assets and ensure their estates are passed on securely and kept out of the hands of creditors and predators like nursing homes.

As independent financial planners and fiduciaries, Franklin Retirement’s team of professionals provides the knowledge and insight each of our clients needs. More importantly, Franklin Retirement’s staff can anticipate future needs and issues that clients may not even be aware of. As specialists, not general financial advisors or stock brokers, we utilize a comprehensive Four-Step Process to accommodate every client’s unique needs throughout the length of their retirement. We ensure our clients can retire and that they can stay retired. Our clients are mostly concerned with preserving their assets and passing on a legacy. As a retiree today, you may feel much younger than your parents felt at the same age. Just remember, your financial needs are probably much different than those of both your parent’s generation or those of your children. If you needed bypass surgery, you wouldn’t go to your family doctor. You’d want to see the best heart surgeon in the area. It’s the same reason why you need a retirement specialist verses a financial generalist.