Is This Cyclical Bull Market Getting Old?

According to Stephen B. Blumenthal, CEO of CMG Capital Management Group, Inc., this bull market could be getting a little long in the tooth.  Who knows?  We did see a big drop (over 200 points in the Dow) one day last week, but nobody knows what markets will do in the future.

According to Blumenthal, “after digging into the data around past cyclical bull periods I thought I’d share some of what I learned with you:

  • The current cyclical bull move began in March of 2009 and is now four years and five months old.
  • This makes it older than both the post-WWII average of 4.2 years and the 3.5 year average since 1900 (which includes the 1929 bear market).
  • There have been 21 bull market rallies since 1900.  There were a total of six rallies that were longer than today’s rally.  Five of the six occurred prior to WWII.  This cyclical bull is old.”

Do you have more risk in your portfolio than you are comfortable with?  Tired of being on the roller coaster when the markets go up and down?  Are you concerned that your time horizon isn’t what it was?

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