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Your CPA may be an expert in helping you file your federal income taxes and state income taxes, but are they experts in retirement tax planning strategies?

The goal of retirement tax planning is to use smart, innovative strategies to minimize your tax liability. Picture three buckets when it comes to taxes: (1) assets that are taxable now, (2) assets that are tax-deferred, and (3) asset that are tax-free. Your goal is to move as much of your money as possible to bucket number three. Franklin Retirement Solutions can help you do it, as we’ve been helping our clients across the Philadelphia area plan and minimize their taxes for more than a decade.

Smart tax strategies may start with the goal of minimizing federal income taxes, but a truly effective retirement tax plan undertakes long-term efforts, including minimizing capital gains taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes and state inheritance taxes.

At Franklin Retirement Solutions, we believe that tax planning is a fundamental part of your retirement plan, and we have curated a network of trusted CPA’s across the Delaware Valley that specialize in tax planning strategies.

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Franklin Retirement Solutions’ tax planning team helps you take advantage of tax planning strategies that include:

  • Strategically planning to reduce your income for tax purposes (AGI or Adjusted Gross Income is key)
  • Increasing your tax deductions, such as health care expenses and other exemptions
  • Identifying and taking advantage of key tax credits.
  • Strategic gifting of assets to reduce your estate taxes and inheritance taxes.
  • Using innovative universal life insurance products to provide a tax-free wealth transfer to your heirs.

Are you utilizing smart tax strategies? Are you confident your tax strategies are as optimized as they can be? Contact us today if you’re not sure, so we can put an action plan together for you.

Information provided is not intended as tax or legal advice and should not be relied on as such. You are encouraged to seek tax or legal advice from an independent professional