Retire with Peace of Mind

Building a solid retirement plan with an advisor you trust is the key to retiring with peace of mind. As we live longer, more active lives, your retirement plan must be built for a span of 30 years to 40 years.  This means a lengthier, more detailed retirement plan… and one where every detail must be accounted for.

Franklin Retirement Solutions – nestled in Willow Grove, PA and operated by Your Retirement Quarterback Peter R. Wechsler – has leveraged Peter’s more than 10 years as a trusted retirement planner to develop a unique Five Step Discovery Review Process designed to ensure that all of your retirement needs are addressed.  This process makes sure your retirement plan accounts for both short-term retirement goals and your long-term retirement income needs.

Franklin Retirement’s Five Step Discovery Review Process consists of:

  • Income Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Minimizing Market Risk
  • Health Care and Long-Term Care Planning
  • Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning Strategies

Do you have a comprehensive retirement plan?

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Most traditional financial advisors focus only on helping you to accumulate wealth, and many of Franklin Retirement Solutions clients came from advisors around Philadelphia who specialized in wealth accumulation.  As you near your retirement and, most importantly, as you begin your retirement, your focus changes from wealth accumulation to wealth preservation.  As a boutique retirement income firm serving Montgomery, Philadelphia and Bucks counties,  Franklin Retirement Solutions specializes in wealth preservation and inflation-adjusted lifetime income planning. Our job is to preserve and protect the nest eggs, cut the future tax bills, and insure that all of the pieces of our clients’ puzzles fit together: their income plan, retirement plan, estate plan, and elder plan.

Franklin Retirement Solutions is an independent retirement planning firm and we have no allegiance to certain financial products or companies.  Because of this independence, we are not limited to the products or services offered by a single company or agency, and can thus tailor what we deliver to your specific needs.  Our retirement plans and solutions are customized to fit your needs, utilizing a combination of market-based products, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds, as well as insurance-based products, including fixed indexed annuities, life insurance, and long-term care insurance..

Is your retirement plan ready for a long retirement?  Is your current advisor equipped to plan for preservation instead of acquisition?  Do you have an advisor, or are you developing your retirement plan yourself?  If you get a second opinion for your health, why not for your wealth?

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