Social Security Planning & Optimization

Modern retirees should know that Social Security is only a part of a comprehensive retirement income plan, and knowing when and how to take Social Security is important.

With hundreds of combinations and strategies to take Social Security, you need to work with a team of specialists that can maximize your Social Security benefit.  “Claim now and Claim more later” and “File and Suspend” are just two of a wide array of little known strategies that many of Franklin Retirement Solutions’ clients are using to maximize their social security payments.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) employees are generally helpful and provide exceptional customer service.  However,  SSA employees are regulated against providing any sort of legal advice or recommendations about when and how to take social security! That’s why you need experts like those here at Franklin Retirement Solutions that can help you navigate the complicated Social Security application process, and make sense of the myriad rules and filing options to optimize the Social Security benefits you and your spouse receive.

Is your financial planner knowledgeable about Social Security?

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For some, it may make sense to take Social Security at 62, but for many, taking Social Security early can cause you to miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of income over the course of your retirement.

Social Security is a significant part of retirement income planning, which is essential to Franklin Retirement Solution’s Five Step Discovery Review Process.  Before you file to take Social Security, be sure to schedule your consultation with our team at Franklin Retirement Solutions.

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