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Welcome to Franklin Retirement Solutions

Franklin Retirement Solutions is a five-star retirement planning firm serving clients in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. As Your Retirement Quarterback™, Peter R. Wechsler leads the Franklin Retirement Solutions team in helping clients take the complexity out of financial planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

Our niche market is working with middle income conservative savers who need to protect their nest egg. Our clients want to insure they have enough inflation adjusted guaranteed income…no matter how long they live, along with a well crafted estate plan so their wishes are properly carried out. We offer more than just financial advising. Our comprehensive retirement solutions practice is what separates us from other retirement planning firms. Our clients rely on our team for Income Planning, Tax Planning, Investments and Market Risk Analysis, Estate Planning, Health Care Planning, Asset Protection and more. We are an independent firm, and use a combination of life insurance, annuities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and many other financial tools that best serve the needs of each client.   Whether you’re exploring financial planning, retirement planning or estate planning for the first time, looking for a second opinion, or simply unhappy with your current financial planner, contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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Recent Articles:

  • Survive and Advance - Since I’m the quarterback, I probably shouldn’t be talking about basketball, but here goes… March Madness is all about ‘Survive and Advance.’  In order to continue playing and prevent the season from being over, you have to win to move on to the next round.  In today’s ever changing and volatile economic arena, your retirement […]
  • To Buy Or Not To Buy? - Since the beginning of the year, at least a dozen clients have asked me whether it’s the right time to buy gold or buy into the energy sector.  Both are good questions. Let’s look at gold first.  As I write this, gold is trading at $1,220 an ounce.  In 2008 it was trading at $850 […]
  • To Roth Or Not To Roth – Part Two - Last week we discussed all the reasons why you might consider doing a Roth conversion. I promised that this week we’d review the reasons why you might NOT want to convert IRAs to Roth’s. As a simple review, to convert, you pay ordinary income taxes on all IRA funds you are going to convert in […]
  • To Roth Or Not To Roth - It seems that hardly a day goes by that a client doesn’t ask whether a Roth conversion makes sense.  I always have the same answer…it depends. It’s a tricky calculation when deciding whether to pay the taxes now and have the money grow tax free for the rest of your life and the life of […]
  • A Lump Sum Social Security Distribution? - I often get questions about Social Security and it’s no wonder with all the possible claiming strategies designed to increase benefits.  I’ve seen folks agonize over the best strategy for them and if married, their spouse.  The truth is, unless you can tell me the month and year you will die and the same for […]
  • Developing A “Stuff Strategy” - This article is a guest submission from Marlene Stocks of Senior Transition Services, who will be leading a Lunch & Learn on this very topic on February 12 at 11:30 a.m.  Sign up to attend our Lunch & Learn and hear Marlene speak. This situation is not uncommon.  “My husband is 85 years old and […]
  • As January Goes… So Goes The Year? - January is now behind us and it couldn’t have happened fast enough if you are an investor.  With the Dow Jones industrial Average down 3.7% and the S&P 500 off 3.1%, it’s certainly not the best way to start a new year.  To put in perspective, last January the S&P was down 3.46% but did […]
  • A Few Notes From Peter - I spent three days in Orlando at the end of last week.  Not a bad place to be in the winter.  It’s no wonder I have so many clients that are snowbirds.  I returned in time for the blizzard of a lifetime…that never came.  Oh well…no complaints here. The conference in Orlando was both educational […]
  • A Time Of Celebration - I’m writing this on Tuesday morning, as we recover from our client Open House that we held on Monday.  The bad, icy weather came on Sunday instead of Monday, meaning more and more people were able to come.  All told, we have 135 people, though it felt like a lot more.  Around 4:30 it felt like […]
  • Is This The Beginning Of The Much-Anticipated Bear Market? - With the market gyrations over the past month, the big question is simply this: are we looking at the beginning of a bear market, or is this nothing more than a minor blip as markets continue their path up?  While I’m optimistic that the market has another year or two to run, really…who knows? This […] Profile
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