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Welcome to Franklin Retirement Solutions

Franklin Retirement Solutions is a five-star retirement planning firm serving clients in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. As Your Retirement Quarterback™, Peter R. Wechsler leads the Franklin Retirement Solutions team in helping clients take the complexity out of financial planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

Our niche market is working with middle income conservative savers who need to protect their nest egg. Our clients want to insure they have enough inflation adjusted guaranteed income…no matter how long they live, along with a well crafted estate plan so their wishes are properly carried out. We offer more than just financial advising. Our comprehensive retirement solutions practice is what separates us from other retirement planning firms. Our clients rely on our team for Income Planning, Tax Planning, Investments and Market Risk Analysis, Estate Planning, Health Care Planning, Asset Protection and more. We are an independent firm, and use a combination of life insurance, annuities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and many other financial tools that best serve the needs of each client.   Whether you’re exploring financial planning, retirement planning or estate planning for the first time, looking for a second opinion, or simply unhappy with your current financial planner, contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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Recent Articles:

  • Trust Mill Attorney Disbarred - By Jeremy A. Wechsler, Esq. Your Estate Planning Attorney Beware of Trust Mills: Trusts mills are companies that sell trusts to senior citizens, without consultation by a lawyer. The motivation behind trust mills are two-fold: First, they charge a significant amount of money for un-customized documents that do a disservice to clients. Second, the companies, […]
  • What’s better: A Stretch IRA or Life Insurance? - Ed Slott is probably the most well-known IRA expert in the country.  I’ve had the pleasure of breaking bread with Ed several times over the past ten years and enjoy not only his huge reservoir of IRA knowledge but his keen sense of humor.  Rarely does a weekend go by that Slott isn’t quoted in […]
  • Indicators That Preceded Past Downturns Are Flashing Now - So much for new market highs every other day…or so it seemed.  After the market rout on the last day of July, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was basically flat year to date with the S&P 500 up 4.4% as of the end of July. If you are a dedicated reader of these weekly columns, […]
  • When Should YOU Start Taking Social Security? - Many of my readers are already taking Social Security.  If that’s you and if you’ve been taking your benefit for over one year, you can probably go back to doing your crossword puzzle or maybe watering the plants.  For the rest of you…read on. I’ve been helping folks with retirement and income planning for over […]
  • The Crazy World of Medicare Part ‘D’ Drug Plans - Part ‘D’ Drug Plans have been known to provide plenty of aggravation and frustration for all those that attempt to navigate them. Consider the following… There are 34 Part ‘D’ Plans offered in Pennsylvania…all offering the same Prescription meds. They all have different premiums They may or may not have a deductible There are different […]
  • Caution: Do-It-Yourself Wills - By Jeremy A. Wechsler, Esq. Your Estate Planning Attorney Is it a good idea to write your own will? I always say, what you put into something is what you will get out of it. If you want a sound estate plan that protects your legacy, you need to work with a professional who has […]
  • Now that Tax-Day has passed, Where Does Your Money Go? - Now that tax-day is behind us, it might be a fun time to see where your Federal dollars went.  If you add up just the first five entries though veteran benefits, you will see that just about 80¢ of every dollar goes to Defense, Social Security, Health Care, Interest on the debt and Veterans Benefits. […]
  • Short Term Skilled Nursing Care Dilemma - ~ Admitted vs. Observation ~ A recurring, expensive and very frustrating problem in the world of Medicare is the cost of skilled rehab after a hospital stay. What Medicare pays for is determined by how you are classified during your Hospital stay… “Admitted “or “Observation” Click here for a recent and very good article from […]
  • First Quarter Market Results Are In - Monday ended the first quarter, and the markets were pretty much flat since the first of the year.  The S&P was up less than 1% for the three months while the Dow was down 1.3%.  While the major averages didn’t move very much, for many, it sure felt like a roller coaster ride again.  Markets […]
  • Retirees Get Bitten by Pet Costs - This was the title of a column earlier this week in The Wall Street Journal.  While I’ve never had a pet other than a goldfish many years ago, many of my friends, family members and clients do have cats and dogs and some seem to devote their lives to their pets. As I read this […] Profile
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