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At Franklin Retirement Solutions, we operate according to our clients’ needs. Our clients were and are middle-income savers, and they come to us looking for help and reassurance that they will be able to retire and stay retired. Knowing that, our team of retirement specialists and professionals work daily to deliver a custom-tailored, holistic solution to each clients’ every need.

No cookie-cutter approaches here. Each of our clients presents a unique jigsaw puzzle. Our first goal is to ensure our clients don’t run out of money before they run out of time. By putting plans together that generate a pension-like lifetime stream of inflation-adjusted income, we help take the worry away and allow our clients to retire with confidence.

So, what does a holistic retirement plan include?

Income Planning

Every retiree needs a comprehensive income plan. More than an aspirational monthly budget (that no one sticks to anyway), we at Franklin Retirement go over every client’s expenses in a deep dollar-by-dollar analysis of their monthly spending. Once that’s complete, we look at pensions, expected Social Security income (including multiple timing scenarios and claiming strategies) and retirement account distributions to calculate the optimal way to generate the income needed each month. This spending and income analysis is the backbone of Franklin Retirement’s comprehensive income plan. With our comprehensive income plan, our clients know they will have enough money each month and that they won’t run out of money before they and their spouse run out of time. They know they can have a retirement free of worry, and they develop confidence about their retirement plans

Investment Planning

No matter who you are or what you do, chances are investments play a heavy role in your retirement planning. But it's not so much what you know about investing, or what you know about what you don't know... it's what you don't know about what you don't know that can impact your nest egg the most. At Franklin Retirement, we make sure our clients fully understand their risk comfort level and the risks they're actually taking in their investment plans. And we make sure they're being paid properly for the risk they're taking. Redundancies, fees, and hidden gotchas are all considerations we plan for, and call out to our clients. With our market risk analysis and our investment planning, our clients truly have a chance to sleep well and night without any indigestion or queasiness from the short-term rockiness of the stock markets.

Tax Planning

Once our clients retire, the way they pay their taxes completely changes. First, they’re no longer having taxes taken out of their paychecks each week. They now are fully responsible for saving for their income taxes. Second, depending on how their retirement accounts are withdrawn and taxed, they may move into a different tax bracket. These tax changes can cause a lot of surprises and a lot of anguish when April rolls around. But at Franklin Retirement, we have tax-planning specialists — accountants who help each of our clients proactively plan for these tax changes and who work closely with our financial advisors to develop optimal distribution plans to mitigate annual tax burdens as much as possible.

Estate Planning

Our clients are savers. They didn’t spend too much in their working years, and they don’t spend too much in retirement. Sound familiar? Our clients almost always leave a sizable estate for their heirs, and it’s important to plan your estate properly. More and more money is being conveyed through IRAs and retirement accounts that do not pass through a will. Family situations grow more complex each year. It is important to have a comprehensive estate plan that ties into your income plans and tax plans to ensure your wishes are kept and your life’s work isn’t squandered after you’re gone. Franklin Retirement works closely with each client's estate planning attorney to ensure their wishes are protected, even after they’re no longer able to protect them.

Legacy Planning

The ability to leave a lasting legacy through your estate becomes harder and harder each year. Money in retirement accounts passes to beneficiaries specified on a sheet and not through probate. Beneficiaries often receive lump-sum amounts, which are more susceptible to high taxes and being squandered. (The average time between receiving an inheritance and buying a new car? 19 days!) Additionally, Uncle Sam and nursing home bills can threaten assets before they even become part of your estate. At Franklin Retirement, we work closely with our client's estate planning attorney to develop strategies to help protect assets both in life and in death and automatically create legacies for our clients’ heirs and beneficiaries.

Retirement Education

The world of finance is incredibly complex, even to seasoned do-it-yourselfers. For us to act in our clients’ best interests — something we at Franklin Retirement are obligated to do because we are fiduciaries — we have to understand their needs and concerns. And our clients have to understand what we’re doing. At Franklin Retirement, we don’t end a meeting until every one of our clients’ questions has been answered and every concern they may have has been addressed. Nothing good is ever accomplished by a client only knowing half of what is going on. Part of the Franklin Retirement Solutions experience is overall retirement education.

Team of Specialists and Experts

Modern technology has delivered devices that can do almost anything and do each task flawlessly. That’s what our clients expect of their devices, and it’s what they expect from Franklin Retirement Solutions. And we deliver.

Each of our financial advisors is dually licensed, which means they have been tested and licensed to independently sell insurance products and securities. We call it working both sides of the aisle, and it means you get the best of both financial worlds. You know the advisors are working as fiduciaries, which means they must act in your best interest, and you know the strategies put forward are unlimited in any way and truly the best of what's available.

In addition to our financial planning specialists, we have a network of estate planning attorneys, tax-planning CPAs, Medicare specialists, real estate agents, and even a home organization "downsizing" specialist who excels in helping clients clean house as they downsize. Modern retirees have an expanding set of unique needs. At Franklin Retirement, we make it our goal to meet those needs and exceed expectations.


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