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Retirement & Income Planning
Problems We Solve

At Franklin Retirement Solutions, we help retirees daily with problems large and small. One thing to know—everyone’s situation is different. There is no standard template, guide, or cookie cutter solution to the issues retirees face. However, a lot of our clients have worried about similar problems, such as:

Running Out Of Money

Running out of money in retirement, or outliving  your money in retirement, is the #1 fear of older adults.

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Figuring Out What To Do With Their Money

Many retirees reach retirement with no idea of what to do with the money they’ve saved or how to make it last.

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Accounting For Health Care Costs

Retirees today spend as much on health care as they do on food! Changes in health care laws don’t seem to matter.

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Ride The Market Without Crashing

The stock market can generate a lot of growth for retiree’s portfolios, but too much risk can RUIN a retirement.

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Maximizing Social Security

The threat of missing out on unclaimed money by filing Social Security incorrectly is a big, BIG fear of retirees.

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Minimizing Taxes

We know Uncle Sam can take a bite, but an unforseen tax burden can severely limit your retirement plan.

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Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Once you’re reliant on your savings, any mistake can cost you dearly in both the short- and the long-term.

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Philadelphia’s Retirement Planning Team

A Holistic Team of Retirement Specialists

We believe that a complete retirement plan includes insight into every aspect of your retirement goals. Franklin Retirement maintains an umbrella of professionals, including investment advisor representatives, an estate planning attorney, licensed insurance producers,and  certified tax professionals to ensure you get a complete picture to your retirement plans.

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Meet Peter Wechsler

President and co-founder of Franklin Retirement Solutions, Peter Wechsler is a registered investment advisor and Your Retirement Quarterback®. He is a published author, accomplished radio show host and a multi-faceted entrepreneur, with several successful businesses under his belt. He strives to create comprehensive retirement plans that ensure his clients retire with peace of mind.

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There is nothing that should stand in your way as you look for retirement peace of mind. Call, email or just stop by. Franklin Retirement Solutions is here to help you. There is nothing that should stand in your way as you look for retirement peace of mind. Call, email or just stop by. Franklin Retirement Solutions is here to help you.

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