Roller Coaster Rides Again

As life begins to get back to normal, I read where Disneyland will soon reopen, having been closed for about a year. Roller coaster rides should be easily found this summer. The last roller coaster I rode was with my son Chris at the Hotel New York New York in Las Vegas. It must have been 10 years ago and even then I think it was $40 a ride.

Of course, they make you lock up all your loose possessions in a lock box so nothing can fly out along the ride. Not only did Chris sneak his camera on but he insisted on taking a picture of me with my hair totally sticking up along the way. Kids!

Even though I’ll probably never go on another roller coaster ride at an amusement park, I—along with most of our clients—have been on a stock market roller coaster for the past six weeks. We’ve watched the Nasdaq tech stocks and the small cap stocks drop close to 10% from their recent highs. Almost into correction territory.

We are tweaking our portfolios to reflect the shifting of the market of late. Analysts are giving plenty of reasons from all over the place for the volatility but nobody knows for sure.

With Passover starting tomorrow night and Easter next weekend, let’s hope the market calms down for the holidays. Many have asked if I am doing the big Seder this year. With COVID still a concern, I answer with two words: next year. I will be with a few friends the first night and cousins the second night but I look forward to having everybody together again in 2022.

For those celebrating Passover, enjoy as we remember and reflect on the meaning of the holiday.

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