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A Review Of The First Quarter 2018

I know it hasn’t been fun and I know most of us have had our share of roller coaster rides over the years, but it feels like we’re on a ride again. The first quarter of 2018 saw a return to what we can consider “normal” levels of volatility, after a period of historic low…
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April 5, 2018 0

Response To The AARP’s Annuity Article

You may have seen a column by Jane Bryant Quinn in this month’s AARP Bulletin about Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs). Fixed indexed annuity sales totaled more than $60 billion in 2016 and continue to grow as an asset class for retirees and pre-retirees. Ms. Quinn’s concerns are somewhat valid, but not wholly accurate. To wit: “Salespeople might…
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October 27, 2017 0

Seven Common 401(k) Mistakes

This Sunday on the radio show, I spend some time reviewing common 401(k) mistakes being made by folks still in the workforce. I thought I’d lay them out here as well. And while this discussion is written around 401(k)s, don’t think you’re immune because you have a 403(b). You can make the same mistakes with…
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October 6, 2017 0
Ramp Up Your Retirement

Ramp Up Your Retirement

As you get closer to your retirement, you start to think practically about the steps of your retirement transition. A to-do list emerges of tasks to try and accomplish, as well as things to consider. If haven’t retired but are getting ready to, here’s three things you should think about.   Mind Your Money Now…
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September 14, 2017 0

Getting Your Mind Right For Retirement

I have plenty of folks coming through my doors who are more than ready to quit their jobs. They’re ready to drop the day-to-day routines of rush hour traffic and 9-to-5 office politics, and leave the office behind. But while a lot of folks are ready to ditch work, they’re not ready for the mental…
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August 9, 2017 0

10 Retirement Mistakes You May Be Making

The prospect of retirement always sounds good—walking out of the office for the last time, Johnny Paycheck blaring from the car speakers as you drive home and sleeping late whenever you want. But too often, common retirement decisions end up being mistakes. To that end, Kiplinger put together a list of 10 financial decisions retirement…
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June 8, 2017 0

The Results Are In: Retirees Are Spending Less

Tired of levitating frogs and determining why pants explode, the eggheads have turned their critical eyes to you, retired persons. More pointedly, how you spend your money. Articles in both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business this month highlight a growing trend: retirees spending less in their retirement. They have their conjectures why and…
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May 24, 2017 0

The Economy’s Hidden Problem: We’re Out Of Big Ideas

The rally continues.  Wow… what a run.  Many stocks are at their 52-week high as the DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE becomes friends with 20,000.  How long until 30,000?  While I like the Dow, following the S&P 500 makes more sense as the Dow covers just 30 stocks and the S&P covers the 500 largest companies…
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December 15, 2016 0

Don’t Look At Your Portfolio!

Again the markets have been on a roller-coaster ride over the past 10 days. A few market analysts say the market is tracking the polls. For whatever reason, Wall Street seems to feel Hillary is a safer bet so when the polls started closing and Trump was edging past her, the market went down. After…
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September 28, 2016 0

Live Long, Work Longer

Do you feel better today than your parents did at your age?  Your grandparents?  Chances are, you probably do.  And it’s in sharp contrast to an article we discussed a few weeks ago that said many adults were living longer, but while suffering from more disabilities.  But, fear not.  There’s a counterpoint.  The online science…
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June 2, 2016 0
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