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Remember These? Technical Milestones We Probably Forgot

Tomorrow marks a very important date that no one reading this likely cares about: Alabama plays Tennessee. For the 103rd time. The game is historically played on the third Saturday in October and, in fact, the rivalry game is known as “The Third Saturday in October”. Alabama has dominated the series as of late (which…
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October 22, 2020 0

Presidential Markets, Again.

Are you tired of hearing about the election yet? Just so you know, we have (as of today) 66 days to go. A few weeks back I wrote about presidents and the markets, but a lot of what I referenced spoke to overall presidential careers. I dug around and put together figures for each…
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August 27, 2020 0

Will Fall Bring Any Changes?

By Peter Wechsler Your Retirement Quarterback® When Halloween candy hits the store shelves you know that summer is just about gone and that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Soon it will be Monday Night Football and the World Series that now seems to creep into early November. Once July 4th hits I start getting anxious…
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August 24, 2017 0

Goodbye, Obamacare. Hello, American Healthcare Act.

Unless you were living under a rock all week you heard that the House unveiled their answer to the Affordable Care Act (aka ACA) (aka Obamacare).  So far, the reaction on Capitol Hill has been less than gleeful—not just by the Democrats, but by many Republicans as well.  This is going to be fun to…
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March 9, 2017 0

Trump Wants 3% GDP Growth & Immigration Reform. Can He Have Both?

Immigration has been a major focus of the Trump administration throughout the campaign and into the early days of his Presidential term.  To that end, we’ve seen a contentious, possibly unconstitutional, travel ban in the name of national security, increased pressure on sanctuary cities and an escalation of ICE deportation raids.  Though the President has…
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March 2, 2017 0

Surviving Unexpected Expenses During Retirement

In the last decade, we’ve suffered through a couple of significant financial events – the Great Recession, the post-Sandy fallout… we could maybe even put the 2015 mini-recession in there.  But in addition to storms of the century and global financial meltdowns, retirees can face a number of unexpected expenses that can seriously impact, and…
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September 6, 2016 0

The Market Will Do What The Market Will Do

After the market got through January to mid-February, I noticed a sigh of relief in many of my clients for the better part of past six months.  No longer were they on edge about the markets.  We only received two phone calls when Brexit caused the market to drop big time for a few days. However, since…
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August 18, 2016 0

Fear & Loathing of Financial Advisors

I found a stat the other day that I thought was pretty bad.  Late last year, the Harris Poll found that 71% of Americans have a legitimate fear of talking to a financial advisor.  And I understand why!  If you don’t have enough money, you think an advisor is going to judge your decisions.  If…
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July 21, 2016 0

Forget The Jobs… Where Did The Companies Go?

Back in the latter half of May, I talked about the lack of jobs and how so many manufacturers moved overseas.  Well, one of our clients (thank you, Phil!) responded with a list – a lengthy list – that showed just how many manufacturers and large employers had left the Philadelphia area.  It reads like…
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July 11, 2016 0

The Psychology of Buying and Selling a House

There’s an overused expression we’ve all probably heard way too much; “It’s not a house, it’s a home”. Trite as it may be, it holds a lot of weight. This week marks the 10 year anniversary of my wife and I buying our house, and in that relatively short time span, we have packed a…
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June 22, 2016 0