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No Flying Cars, But Autonomous Pizzas

By Nicholas Hamner | April 15, 2021 |

In the news this week was an announcement by Domino’s Pizza that they would begin demoing automatic pizza delivery by a self-driving car.  This isn’t the first time that a company has teased autonomous delivery—Amazon has been working on delivery drones for years—nor is it even the first pizza shop to “debut” something like this—Pizza Hut tried…

Let’s Talk IRAs

By Peter Wechsler | April 15, 2021 |

Of all our clients, there are only a few who do not have at least one IRA account. Of the many that do, few of the IRAs are the same. Some have traditional IRAs and some have Roth IRAs. Some have Simple and some have SEP. All IRAs. Some could have a Beneficiary IRA and…

A Half-Century Later

By Peter Wechsler | April 8, 2021 |

Two weeks ago, Emily celebrated her five-year anniversary with the company. We’re blessed to have a staff of young, caring, and hard-working folks at Franklin Retirement. Emily has been a great addition to our company and continues to master more parts of our business. As we were celebrating her anniversary, it dawned on me that…

Back Up On The Hobby Horse

By Nicholas Hamner | April 1, 2021 |

Who else is tired of reading about COVID? I know I’m tired of writing about it, but unless you guys want me delving into politics (and I’m pretty sure none of us wants that to happen… on either side of this newsletter) I think we’ll keep it light. As light as you can get when…

The Hottest Ticket In Town

By Nicholas Hamner | March 25, 2021 |

Sooner or later we’ll find something that COVID and the preventative measures surrounding it didn’t impact, but it doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. On today’s list of things made rare & expensive by COVID? Rental cars. Like Peter mentioned earlier, theme parks are opening back up. So if you wanted to grab the family and…

Roller Coaster Rides Again

By Peter Wechsler | March 25, 2021 |

As life begins to get back to normal, I read where Disneyland will soon reopen, having been closed for about a year. Roller coaster rides should be easily found this summer. The last roller coaster I rode was with my son Chris at the Hotel New York New York in Las Vegas. It must have…

Social Security Facts & Figures

By Peter Wechsler | March 18, 2021 |

Many of our younger clients continually ask Kyle, Rob, and me whether Social Security will still be around when they come of age. My standard answer is “yes” and I explain that older folks vote in high numbers so the politicians aren’t going to make major changes in a short time frame. Yes, they will…

Let’s Plan A Vacation

By Nicholas Hamner | March 18, 2021 |

It looks like we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccination numbers are up, weekly case numbers are down… if we all play this right, we just might have a semi-normal 2022. And we’re starting to see an end to winter, too. While tomorrow is technically the first day of…

Looking For A Vaccine?

By Nicholas Hamner | March 11, 2021 |

If you would have told me thirty years ago that I would actively be seeking out a place to give me a shot—a shot with no guarantee of a lollipop or sheet of stickers as a reward, no less!—I would have called you crazy. And yet, here we are in the midst of a pandemic,…

Where’s My Refund?

By Peter Wechsler | March 11, 2021 |

The shift in business practices that occurred with the COVID-19 shutdowns has seemingly impacted everything we do. Mom & Pop corner shops now do contactless payments. Even the oldest of run-down grocery stores now handles curbside pickups easily. And I think it’s safe to say we’re all a little more comfortable combing the Internet for…

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